Our Story

Lovely Gatherings began because a good friend trusted me to do her wedding flowers, knowing I had never braved something like that before. From then on friends and family have been reaching out to me asking me to arrange theirs and I couldn’t stop because I just love it so much! Along the way, I saw a need for bridal couples on a budget in Colorado to find a florist who is reasonably priced and works within budgets of all amounts, so that is what I strive to do, without compromising your vision or unique style. 

Lovely Gatherings has been branching out to provide Floral Workshops through the year as well. I have always been passionate about gathering people together to create beautiful things and foster new friendships. Keep a lookout if you are local to CO for upcoming workshops! I would love to have you there. 
If you have any more questions about me, Krista the florist, or what I can provide for you please reach out to me on the contact page. I would love to hear from you! 🙂